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Dancing Lessons tells the story of Sadie Rigal, a Jewish dancer who concealed her identity in Paris during the Nazi Occupation, became a popular performer, resisted, rescued others and survived with grace and daring.


from the back of the DVD

Distinguished Professor Daniel Gerould

"In documenting the life of your mother, Sadie Rigal, as a dancer at the Bar Tabarin during the German occupation of Paris, you brought to life fascinating and previously unknown aspects of resistance to the Nazis by Jews and non-Jews in the French entertainment world...simply as a human drama Dancing Lessons has great power..."


Special Presentations:

--National Council of Jewish Women

--Graduate School and University Center of the City of New York

--Millenium Film Archives

--Duo Theatre

--JCC of Manhattan


Produced by:

Dramatic Risks, Inc.

60 E 4th Street, #19

New York, NY 10003


Producer/Director: Mark Waren

Editor: Pavlina Hatoupis

Director of Photography: Kevin Keating


Film Festivals:

Columbia Gorge Film Festival (2012)

Port Townsend Film Festival (2011)